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We are an environmentally friendly printing service. On this page, we hope to outline how we are a sustainable alternative to mass-production. With us, Sustainability is more than a trend.

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Stinky’s An Environmentally Friendly Printer

STINKY’S RISO PRESS takes great care in minimising our impact on the environment. This is from our daily studio operations right down to waste management and sustainable paper supplies. We are an environmentally friendly printer business. We up-cycle test prints & leftovers, recycling everything else.

Riso printing in itself is a highly energy efficient and sustainable, environmentally friendly printing method. This makes for an ethical product, unmatched by other printing methods.

The cold process consumes little energy, and the Riso printer uses environmentally friendly Soy-based (non-toxic) inks. The stencils are made from plant fibres. Unlike litho printing, it only takes a single print for the stencil to be fully inked and ready to print. It uses little electricity and eliminates the need for up to 100,000 litres of water and 10,000 litres of alcohol (per year) consumed by a typical mid-size printer.

We try and keep transportation cost on our commute to the studio to a minimum. We believe we are a true alternative to mass production. This is an artisan, environmentally friendly way of getting your products printed.

We are trying to raise the standard of environmentally friendly printing – we are environmentally friendly printers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Andy (aka Stinky)

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